The Conference Committee consists of six dedicated students who work together for a year to make the Conference a big success. 


The chairman is ultimately responsible for the functioning of the TeMa Conference and is, therefore, the representative of the Conference to the outside world. Moreover, you focus on the cooperation between all the committee members and the long-term strategy of the TeMa Conference. Click here to read more about the Chair of the previous Conference. 


The secretary is responsible for all external communication of the association. As secretary, you are responsible for the annual planning and planning activities. Additionally, you send official correspondence and maintain the website.


The treasurer is responsible for the financial position of the TeMa Conference. All financial transactions of the TeMa Conference go by you: from general expenses to specific budgets. Within the committee, you monitor and decide on the budgets. The treasurer must continuously stay informed of the benefits and expenses of the Conference. 

Acquisition & Day Coordinator

The two Acquisition & Day Coordinators are in charge of acquiring new partners, continuing the contact with current partners, and creating the Conference day schedule. You will visit partners during the summer and discuss the possibilities for the coming Conference, among which the participation in our events. Next to that, you are responsible for operational tasks during the Conference itself. 


​​​​​​​The main goal of the promotion officer is to bring the conference to the attention of the students. Besides this, the promotion officer is responsible for the promotion via social media and merchandise.